What are differences between that tatami that TATAMO! uses in your yoga mats and other tatami?

TATAMO! is an item that viably uses short grasses of 90 centimeters or less that as of not long ago were unacceptable for the measure of standard tatami tangles and were normally singed. We offer items that utilization a lot of high caliber locally delivered igusa which, however little, are in any case loaded up with all the integrity of regular materials. Notwithstanding yoga mats, we additionally make thin tiles of tatami in a scope of hues, which can be orchestrated and consolidated to make custom ground surface in Japanese condos that weren’t worked in view of tatami. Thusly, the brand is attempting to fabricate a scaffold between present day ways of life and conventional qualities.

OKI TATAMO! 1.5 tatami is a board item (thickness 15 mm) of around 1.5 tatami size of the position compose using the household bean grass of 90 cm or less which couldn’t be utilized for making tatami. It comprises of boards of three sizes (60 cm × 60 cm, 60 cm × 30 cm, 30 cm × 30 cm) with the goal that it tends to be adaptably suited in minimized urban rooms. Since the posterior is a nonslip sheet staying, no apparatus and so on is important, and free design as indicated by your room is conceivable without anyone else’s input. Once introduced it will be steady so you can utilize it for kids’ children corner and so forth.

Notwithstanding All Natural, which can appreciate the normal aroma of rice grass notwithstanding the inside and interest of the room, POP shading gives a brilliant and delicate impression to the room POP, fit in a room of Japanese current taste without solace A cool believing Cool, an arrangement of dark peered toward grass that was not prone to be discovered All Black, entirely Vivid dependent on pink, Modern which makes you feel the consideration regarding outline with a quiet climate. Utilize comprar tatami for smooth surface, for example, flooring. If it’s not too much trouble recognize that it doesn’t adhere to the raised surface, for example, cover.

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