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So, you are going to marry in Las Vegas! What a great idea! You can find everything you need for the ceremony, best hotels, jewelry of different prices, cafes and restaurants, wedding bouquet, and a car for the wedding cortege. NU car rental Las Vegas can help and takes a little time to find a good car for a good price according to your wedding style. There is something really needful to remember before you come here.

What do you really need for getting married in Vegas?

Actually, you don’t take many efforts when you organize the legal part of your wedding. There are three main things to have:

  1. Special license that you can take from the local Marriage Bureau
  2. I D photo or any other document like your driver’s license, birth certificate, or something
  3. $70 fee

That’s it. The other things are not required. Here is a short reminder about what is NOT required.

NO more waiting for long

NO more blood tests

NO more requirements about your registration place

If you don’t want to wait about a day for getting your marriage license, you can send documents beforehand. Also, it is very important to check spelling your name as it is in your passport. Typos often happen.




Of course, if you want to marry here you have to find a chapel. You can meet them here and there all over the city, including hotels. Some of them are popular, others are not. Does it matter? The most popular chapel in the Sin City is Elvis Chapel. Wedding ceremony is Elvis style is very popular. Don’t worry about your costume. You can buy it right here for $200. There is also a Cloud Chapel. It is situated about 300 meters up in the sky. If you want something special, you may ask for a wedding at the restaurant terrace, balcony, while yachting or parachuting.

If you are a romantic person, you are welcomed to the Flower Chapel. This small and quiet chapel is considered to be one of the most original places to marry in Vegas. This place has taken many different awards to be the best place for a wedding ceremony. That’s amazing!

Shock Elvis & Dairy Heir



You need to find a good place to spend your wedding party and night. There are many friendly hotels for different prices in the Sin City and all of them cry for special interesting offers and sales for honeymooners.

Bellagio Hotel

This is a big ritzy hotel. People call it the most glamorous one. You can see a marble floor, antique furniture and decorations, exhibitions, fountains, even a theater. The walls are decorated with the best art samples of the past century. It looks rich and elegant.

Flamingo Hotel

Flamingo is a kind of retro hotel. It was opened in 1946. The hotel consists of a residential compound and a big garden. The garden is the romantic place here. You can see exotic birds, flamingoes, bright and aromatic flowers and ever-green trees. It’s like a page from a fairy tale.

The Wildlife Habitat - Flamingo Hotel & Casino Las Vegas


The Venetian

It took a big money to make this place such a beautiful and ritzy. There is a charming chapel in the hotel. It is decorated in Venetian style. Looking at your wedding picture everyone will think you were in Italy on your wedding day. What about the prices? The lux room is the most luxury one. It will cost you about $ 15 000 per night. You wedding day is going to be perfect!

Plaza Hotel

Looking for a classic wedding ceremony in Vegas, go to the Plaza Hotel. Actually, this is a hotel and casino combined together. It was opened in 70th and successfully works till now. At that time, the Plaza was the biggest hotel in the city with about 600 comfortable rooms. The place can boast a rich history, impressive decorations, wedding halls, and ghosts. Watch your rings!

Three color ring for wedding


Treasure Island

This amazing place can boast different hotel offers and casino attractions. It is a good tradition in Vegas to mix hotel and casino. So that you can live, play, and drink in one place. What is more, you are offered to marry in the most unusual place – pirate ship! There is a Galleon that is available for all wedding ceremonies. You can buy costumes, drinks, snacks and spend your wedding day and even night in a company of pirates. It looks very cool and unusual. So, if you’ve been bored from classic and wedding traditions, just welcome to the Treasure Island.

Vegas is a popular place not only for casino but for getting married. This must be the most popular place in the USA to come to marry here. Why not? You don’t need long preparations and thousands of guests. Just think what you want. Las Vegas wedding platforms are able to make your ceremony the most romantic, or rather strange and unusual.

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