Understanding Motivations in a Short Sale Transaction

Among the key differences between effective investors and agents as well as ones that struggle (and a key factor in improving your prosperous closing rates) is quite just putting yourself in all included parties shoes and discovering common ground. You need to consider the motivations of the bank or even lender, the homeowner, real estate agent, the buyer(s), and also any 2nd lienholders which drive the decision making process. Focusing on how these motivations conflict with one another will help you find common floor to get deals closed.

This really is it – the big kahuna. The bank has the keys towards the castle, so don’t undervalue their motivations when it comes to short selling transaction. The bank’s short sale property decision making process is powered by a single factor — money. Remember – the actual bank’s ideal situation is you continue to make your payments on the agreed-upon schedule. This ensures that they generate the interest on the loan and obtain the balance paid in full. A few circle back to motivation. Exactly what motivates the bank to accept selling short offer? If you guessed Cash, you are right! It’s a little bit of an inverse situation although – banks get into financial loans expecting to be repaid the main balance plus interest. In this instance, you are asking them to get less money – and the just way that is going to work can be demonstrating that the alternative is actually even MORE less money.

In other words, the responsibility of proof is upon you to motivate the bank to simply accept your offer by showing to them that their budget will be worse if they usually do not accept the Short Sale San Diego. This is certainly typically done by carefully trying to explain to the bank what the outcome may be like if they go all the way to foreclosures, and then additionally proving that will foreclosure is imminent. Provide evidence that foreclosure is a more monetarily damaging than a short sale along with back it up with evidence! Prove foreclosure is imminent in addition to cannot be prevented and support it with evidence! The home owner is in a different situation. They may be falling behind on their repayments, are hopelessly underwater, also it appears to them there is no solution!

Similar to how the bank will be mitigating their losses within a short sale, the homeowner additionally wants to mitigate the damage in order to themselves and their families. The actual motivating factor for a house owner to pursue a short sale gets themselves out of a bad scenario that is going to get worse. The fascinating thing about a short sale from the homeowner’s perspective is that, in contrast to a typical home sale deal, the homeowner / owner really does not care anymore about the sale price of the home. This is because they are already underwate. The only time that modifications is when the lender is seeking the homeowner to presume a deficiency judgment. If so, the homeowner will still be inspired to minimize the loss, since they is going to be responsible for it after the purchase completes.

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