Top Cities and Towns that add to the beauty of Crete

Vacations are a thing that almost all of us needs at least once a year. Some people have made roaming the world their profession whereas some struggle to find time to go on a single holiday. But vacation once in a while is mandatory to refresh one’s mind and body. Going for a quaint holiday in the Crete rentals can be one of the best things that one may do. They will be surrounded by the beautiful towns and also the serene water of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a beach based holiday in Greece and is one of the most frequently visited places by tourists. So, let us get you acquainted with the place in a few more details.

Where will you find Crete?

The island of Crete is situated in the Mediterranean Sea and it is the part of Greece. It is the largest among the Greek Islands and the fifth largest among all the islands present in the sea. The island is beautifully filled with the rich local culture and traditions. The origin of the place is quite old and it was the hub of the Minoan civilization. Along with that, the island houses the place known as the oldest city in Europe. The capital city of the island is Heraklion and the highest point is Mount Ida.

The Places of Crete:

When you are in Crete you are bound to become mesmerized by the beautiful natural view of the island. You will also see the contrast between the old and new Crete and the traditions that people follow. Seeing the harbours and the fellow travellers is a common view. So, we will try to introduce some of the places that everyone should visit when they are in Crete. Let us begin:

  • Chania: This is the second largest city present in the island and it is quite popular among the tourists. Chania has a historical importance in the island because of being a heritage place of the Minoan civilization. Along with that, people like the beaches and its ports. But the place that stands out the most is the Old Town. The central part of this place has been inhabited right from the Neolithic times and even today there is a traditional Venetian attitude to the place. It is adorned with narrow allies and the small houses of the native people.
  • Chora Sfakia: Some places in Crete can get overcrowded. If you want to beat it and stay in a natural place then the Chora Sfakia is the best place for you. It is a quiet village situated in the Southern part of Crete and is a part of the mountainous areas. A tiny population calls it their home but the place is amazing. The rocky beaches and the backdrop of the White Mountains make this one of the most scenic places in Crete.
  • Rethymno: This is a city in Crete that has a population of about 40,000 people. It was a prosperous place in the Minoan times and now it is a hub for tourists. It is a rich place because of its production of olive oil. The Old Town holds the vibes of a time when it was a cultural hub. You will find the amalgamation of Venetian architectures along with traces of the Ottoman Empire in forms of Mosques. You will find paths covered with cobblestones and nice cafes by them. People who enjoy nostalgia and traditions would fall in love with this place.
  • Spili: When you are on the way to Rethymno, you can visit the village of Spili that falls under the same region. It has a small population. The best-known thing about Spili is its fountains that have Lion heads. The water from the fountains has a cool temperature of 13 degrees. Also, there is a beautiful monastery in Spili along with some lush green vegetation throughout the villages. Traditional Greek style eateries have also opened up for the tourists to enjoy a nice meal.
  • Elounda: Elounda is a small town that you will find on the Northern coast of Crete. People who like to spend their vacations in luxury will like this place. There are numerous resorts that have come up in this small town as well as many 5 star hotels. If you want to enjoy a scenic and peaceful holiday then this is the place for you.
  • Ierapetra: We are again back to a small town which is a nice beach destination for holiday. The signs of the Venetian Era are prominent in this town due to the architectural monuments. The old town also known as Kato Mera has the old medieval outlook which people cans enjoy. They may enjoy a nice meal in the street cafes while discovering the place. There are several beaches that one may enjoy at this place. Along with that, there are other attractions like gorges and the island of Chrysi. There are also some Minoan sites dotted around the town.

So, here are some towns and villages that people can definitely visit when they are in Crete. They are serene and will always give you a memorable vacation. One cannot leave them alone when they are in Crete. It is a nice adventure to visit several notable places of a destination to make it more worthwhile.

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