Guided Meditations for Opening the Third Eye

The 3rd eye, also known as the 6th or Agya chakra, is probably the chakra for greater spiritual intuition and the 1 responsible for development of psychic forces such as telepathy and spirit travel. Guided mediation next eye opening are available in publications and online, but you will require determination and patience to really be able to open your sixth chakra.

Before starting any levels in guided meditation third eyes opening, there are some basic tips you should remember. First of all, you have to set aside some time for the led meditation third eye beginning, five to ten moments at the very least. A comfortable quiet area where you can relax and really feel grounded is also important to be able to easily enter the higher level of religious consciousness. Also, make sure that you aren’t too tired, hungry or even full, and that all your requirements have been attended prior to the deep breathing, as to prevent any unneeded distractions from the session. Similar to all meditations, do not stress or force your chakras to give you your desired results.

Any guided meditation third eye activation start with a person sitting comfortably, either inside across legged position on to the floor or with on seat with feet flat on to the ground with your spine straight and also relaxed. Take five heavy breaths to open and fill your lungs. Remember to breathe slowly and deeply along with each breath. Lay your hands on best of each other before you in order to facilitate energy flow. Then, near your eyes and concentrate on the point between your brows on the forehead, which is where the 3rd eye is. Your eye should naturally move up without having you having to open all of them. Keep that position for around two minutes. Using a concept to say om can also assist in the process. Maintain this condition even when your mind starts floating away off or when you’re beginning to feel uncomfortable. If you do turn out to be distracted, just do your best to come back to your previous state associated with concentration.

Doing any advised meditations third eye launching will definitely activate your 6th chakra and eventually bring you the small changes, like deepened understanding and development of the “sixth sense” to let you know that you might have indeed opened your 3rd eye. As long as you continue doing all your chosen meditation in the same place along with time consistently, you will definitely achieve success in achieving this step throughout spiritual enlightenment in time.

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