Can You Transplant Hair From Other Parts Of The Body

Along with hair restoration procedures revolutionising rapidly, surgeons are thinking creatively more and more for ways to problem hair loss and make regrowth a real possibility to the many suffering. Among the challenges surgeons are dealing with is trying to perform a successful entire body hair transplant on males suffering from hair loss on other areas of the body. A growing number of some men coming forward now with the actual hope of restoring tresses on places like the hands and chests. Body curly hair transplant procedures are gaining numbers as they become more and much more successful.

The procedure consist of re-planting follicles from one part of the physique to another, or using donor hair from the body in order to implant into the scalp. These types of surgical procedures are performed utilizing the FUE method and can not be done using the traditional remove extraction. It is therefore imperative that this surgeon is very skilled with this practice and as a result, only a number of hair restoration clinics offer this service you may also get free consultant and ask can you transplant hair from other parts of the body.

The idea of transplantation body hair to the head came about when surgeons noticed that patients could efficiently have a limitless supply when the donor hair available on their own scalp is too little. Within the majority of cases there is generally an abundance of donor hair on the sides and back of the particular scalp. It is here in which the grafts are extracted through. However , there is always a small number of individuals who may have thinning hair or within extreme cases dead hair follicles in these areas. Up until this time, hair restoration surgery had not been a viable option for them, great, for men in this position, who else happen to have a decent quantity of body hair, hair repair surgery can in fact be a chance. The donor hair might effectively be taken form typically the arms, legs, chest, belly or back, as long as there is certainly enough. As with any FUE hair transplant, the follicles are removed using minuscule punch grafts and implanted into the remaining hair as one and two frizzy hair grafts. And to assure a far more natural look, the grafts are implanted at the precise angle and direction they might grow in on the scalp.

When it comes to a chest hair hair treatment, the are hair transplants noticeable is usually taken from often the scalp of a full going male. This hair is comparable to body hair in its development pattern as well as texture along with other characteristics. Once transplanted, the actual hairs tend to fall out in around two weeks, but begin to regrow in three months and they are permanent. The hairs after that continue to grow and you may discover monthly trimming a necessity. In using the FUE technique, a chest hair implant can leave you with the preferred effect you have always wanted, and in some cases take just one procedure. For any thick, maximum density upper body effect, a second procedure is needed.


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